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Indie Record Label est 2015 Indie Folk, Alternative, Acoustic, Singer songwriter music based in Rochdale, Greater Manchester in The UK

Meet Indusrial-1

Introducing and recommended to you from us its Sheffield’s finest Soundtrack that we found on Bandcamp Music all though there identity of this artist is unknown the music is ever more familiar unique with an ambient industrial atmosphere from the warm vibrant sounds of the minimalist piano compositions performed by Industrial-1 a true artist who is all about the art of music providing abstract works of art along with the flows and rhythms on there own music keeping there identity unknown staying true to the music

”An intrinsic form existing only in thought that is disassociated from any specific instance and has no physical or concrete existence.
Minimalistic piano.”

I was on bandcamp music one day and i come across an EP titled ‘Abstract’
I fully enjoyed the first track I heard titled ‘H2’ so i purchased the EP for just £3 and i have been hooked on the ever evolving warm flowing melodies from the music i really cant wait to hear from from ‘Industrial-1’ its one of a kind genuine warm and soothing music and i hope you will check it out for yourself and have the same enjoyable musical experience that I get from the music and Soundscape of Industrial-1… Here below is the Abstract EP support a independent soundtrack artist if you will and download/listen and enjoy the works of this art.
I have been converted i am an Industrialist lover

abstract by industrial-1
industrial-1 · H2

Introducing to you the music of the familiar Indie Folk Singer Songwriter Chris Browne BrowneProject as heard on BBC Introducing who has been releasing original Indie Folk records on our label since day one.

English Singer Songwriter, I have a mental health disorder All of my songs are about mental health, I Have been releasing albums since 2008 of original content and performed all over the world, My Musical genre is diverse, Acoustic, Indie, Alternative, Rock, Easy Listening, Everyday is guitar guy I count my blessings to have a musical talent, I also play Piano, I write and produce all of my own music I have many albums and singles out I just stop, I won’t stop to me life is music, I am to spread a message of positiveness with my music as I have come from a dark place many times in my life and my music got me through to the other side, I want to show he world they are not a lone, Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy music, New Music every day that’s one thing you can count on from me.. Chris Browne BrowneProject – Life is noise, Life is sound, Some days it’s quite, Some Days it’s loud, Life is Music.

Chris’s also has an Album Radioactive Cities out on a Compact Disk Album and Digital download via his Bandcamp music page includes worldwide shipping grab your copy below in the embed he has had great reviews and success with this Album it was released on August 17th 2021 on Hat Man Can LTD Records its been most listened to in the USA and Canada and continues to grow

Molly the original Indie song By
Chris Browne BrowneProject
from his album ‘The Indie decade’

The Indie Decade – By Chris Browne BrowneProject

This is a hand full of 15 of my best songs you know releases from the past ten years. not a greatest hits because i still have a lot more music to come its not over yet its only just begun consider it more of the best bits so far than a greatest hits album I do hope you enjoy my music.
This album is called ”The Indie Decade”
All Music, Lyrics are written by Christopher Patrick Brown [me] –
Chris Browne BrowneProject –
Hat Man Can LTD Records All Rights reserved

Chris Browne BrowneProject · The Indie Decade

More Albums By Chris Browne BrowneProject

Cryptic Knight EP

Cryptic Knight EP Released 4th November 2017 on Hat Man Can LTD Records written, composed by by Chris Browne BrowneProject is a mixed EP of Remastered hits from other albums of Chris Browne BrowneProject and a mixture of original tracks such as Cryptic Knight, Those Three words, In the Wasted Midnight Hour and as Heard On BBC Introducing Veronica California, An Indie Yet Alternative EP by Prolific Singer Songwriter Chris Browne BrowneProject… Original indie music
released November 24, 2017
Written, Performed, composed, produced by Chris Browne BrowneProject All rights reserved Hat Man Can LTD Records Grab it on Bandcamp the support would be much appreciated man – browneproject.bandcamp.com/album/cryptic-knight-ep

169 Debut Album –
by Chris Browne BrowneProject
it’s my first album a debut album when I first set foot in a recording studio released in 2011 before then I was putting out EP’s
released September 22, 2011 on Hat Man Can LTD Records – Chris Browne BrowneProject Music, Lyrics, Guitar, Vocals, Piano

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